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Scottish highlands

Wood is at the heart of our business

Wood is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly construction materials available. Not only does it absorb carbon dioxide while growing, but it is also extremely adaptable and recyclable.

We are pleased to say that all our casks are made from repurposed wood sourced by our cooper partners. 

We are currently working on the optimum method to offer a reconditioning and refilling service. As we finalise these plans, we would encourage you to prepare your cask for future refilling by filling it with non-chlorinated water and 5% salt to keep it moist. The key to reusing a cask is to ensure the wood does not dry out. At the point of refilling, the salt water will be washed out.

For purchasers of our Bespoke Luxury Casks, we can discuss buying your cask back when it is empty, providing it is in good condition and retains a small amount of liquid to prevent dry out.

In addition to the principles guiding our management of cask wood, we are proud to say that all our shipping packaging is made from 100% sustainable material. We are also in the process of eliminating all glass from our supply chain, which means no heavy bottles transported halfway across the country.

As our business grows, we are committed to a sustainable path and will continually look for new ways to implement sustainable practices.

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