Fine Cask Whisky finished in personalised oak casks

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In a bespoke cask with your choice of whisky and conditioning liquid


The Cask Spirit Company offers a unique opportunity to own your own 4-gallon (18 litre) cask of fine whisky.  We can procure any whisky that you choose to fill your cask from a large collection of award-winning distilleries, auctions and brokers. 

We will build the cask according to your specifications, then ‘season’ it with a conditioning liquid (Sherry, Port or Madeira) so that you can take the whisky on the final stage of its maturation journey by finishing the ageing process at home.

The cask will be etched with a personalised message and the details of the spirit.  It will then be fitted with a nickel tap and a robust oak stand, before being delivered directly to your doorstep.

For this truly bespoke service, pricing depends on the wood and spirit you choose, starting at £2,500 and ranging to £20k.

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How it works

Personalised cask WHISKY

You choose the spirit and conditioning of your cask. Then add your personalised wording. Your cask will be fitted with an elegant nickel tap and wooden stand.

Choose your whisky

Be specific or give us a brief, we’ll source your perfect dram.

Choose your conditioning liquid

We will advise on the best match for your whisky.

Personalise your Cask

Opt for standard or customised cask wording to mark the uniqueness of your spirit

Limited edition cask


Enjoy a classic negroni cocktail with a unique oak-aged finish.

Courtesy of Theakston Brewery

Bespoke Casks

Our ultra-premium cask service is tailored for each individual.  Perfect for those connoisseurs, confident in their preferred style of spirit.

spirit samples


We offer a selection of spirit samples to show the different styles of cask finishing.

Exclusive glassware

Our luxury collection is the perfect way to celebrate your spirit’s incredible journey.

Perfect for gifting and celebrating

A gift for the person who has it all or a unique feature for your party.

A centrepiece for your venue

A talking point for your drinks menu and a stunning addition to your back bar.

Enjoy cask-aged spirits sustainably

All of our casks are made from repurposed wood.

Matthew Servini

Master distiller and whisky connoisseur, will guide you in the creation of your unique cask whisky 

Premium whiskies

From Islay to Speyside, Campbeltown, Highland and Lowland, each distillery, auction and broker we work with is a master of premium Scottish whisky.

Courtesy of Theakston Brewery

Embracing the tradition of coopering

We work with artisan coopers who handcraft our beautiful casks using centuries-old techniques and traditions.

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Is Buying A Small Whisky Cask A Good Investment?

Finishing whisky at home enables you to create a high quality and unique product that would command a significantly higher price if purchased on the open market.  However, your cask should not be viewed as an investment vehicle, it is a beautiful bespoke item personalised for you to drink, enjoy and share with friends.  Savour the moment.

Please refer to our FAQ page for further information regarding Whisky Cask Investments.

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create your unique whisky

Please let us know if there’s a particular type of whisky, cask wood or conditioning liquid you are interested in.  This will help guide our initial conversations.