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Matthew Servini

Master Distiller and Whisky Connoisseur

What started as a hobby has become a career for co-founder of the Cask Spirit Company Matt Servini. Matt has worked in the drinks industry for 30 years, initially in R&D and latterly in the design and commissioning of micro-distilleries across the world.

Matt’s knowledge of the science behind distilling, combined with an exceptional palate, “nose” for outstanding spirits and a passion for fine & rare whiskies, make him the best man to create and fill your perfect cask.

Our craftspeople

Theakston cooper with hammer and barrel

Courtesy of Theakston Brewery

Keeping the tradition alive

Outstanding spirits deserve the finest treatment, which is why we only work with artisan coopers who handcraft our beautiful casks using centuries-old techniques and traditions.

With so many artisan skills lost to mass production these days, the art of coopering is in danger of dying out. At the Cask Spirit Company we are proud to play our part in keeping the tradition alive.

A traditional art

Becoming a cooper takes years of study, practice and passion. Each stave must be hand-tapered, gently fired, then carefully trussed into place with metal hoops. It all requires a keen eye and considerable skill.

Courtesy of Theakston Brewery

Theakston Barrel cooper

Courtesy of Theakston Brewery

Theakston cooperage

Our Bespoke Luxury Casks are made at Theakstons cooperage in Yorkshire, where we work with in-house journeyman cooper Euan Findlay.  We can source a wide range of woods and finishes to suit your chosen spirit.

The D’BARRIL Cooperage

The D’Barril cooperage is located just south of Porto in Portugal and has a 50-year history of producing casks from European oak. This small team of coopers are the epitome of artisan craftsmen.

Own your own cask

Our handmade casks aren’t just vessels for your bespoke spirit. They’re beautiful pieces in their own right, carefully crafted by experienced artisans and a joy to have in your home or venue.

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