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We only fill our casks with cask strength whisky  55-65% ABV

The higher alcohol content of cask strength whisky allows for more interaction with the barrel’s wood. This can impart additional flavours and aromas to the whisky. When the spirit is poured from the cask, you can control the strength of the whisky by adding water or ice to taste. This can create a more personalised drinking experience.

“We would always suggest trying your unique ‘finished’ spirit neat to start, to understand its natural characteristics, and then explore different ways of mixing and serving it.”

CASk Strength whisky Sourced from the five regions of scotland

We have access to an unparalleled range of fine and rare cask strength whiskies across the five Scottish regions

All of the whiskies we source are pre-matured, aged from as little as 3 years to as many as 20 years.

If you wish, we will condition your bespoke cask with a finishing liquid (Sherry, Port or Madeira) to produce a truly unique spirit for you to enjoy.  We will recommend the best finishing liquid to complement your chosen whisky.

Rare cask strength whisky from Finlaggan castle
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Please let us know if there’s a particular type of whisky, cask wood or conditioning liquid you are interested in.  This will help guide our initial conversations.