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Our 4-gallon pin (18L) bespoke whisky casks are made at Theakstons cooperage in Yorkshire, where we work with in-house journeyman cooper Euan Findlay.

For these bespoke casks we can source a wide range of woods and finishes to suit your chosen spirit.

These casks aren’t just vessels for your bespoke cask whisky. They’re beautiful pieces in their own right, carefully crafted by experienced artisans and a joy to have in your home or venue.


Our ultra-premium service offers knowledgeable connoisseurs the opportunity to fill their own cask with an exceptional spirit from our broad network of quality distillers and brokers (we can also buy fine and rare spirits from auction) guided by our master distiller and cask expert, Matt Servini. 

As every cask is unique, pricing will vary based on your choices around cask wood, whisky and conditioning liquid.  A typical cost is around £2.5K (the lowest cost options are around  £1k and exclusive whiskies are in the region of £20k).  Due to our relationships and reputation we have access to the best market prices and we will provide a detailed quotation to you ahead of order and invoice. 

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We generally work with 4-gallon (18L) casks, and we can source fittings and other personalisation details to meet your requirements.

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