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Brixton Distillery, Cask Strength Golden Caribbean Rum


ABV: 52%. A smooth, versatile blend of 5 year aged and unaged Jamaican, Bajan and Dominican rums.  Contains approximately 90 x 50ml servings.

  • It will take 7-10 days for you to receive your cask as we condition, personalise and fill every cask to order.


This carefully constructed light golden blend is principally composed of column and pot still Bajan rums made from fermented molasses, aged between 3 and 5 years, and 5-year aged column distilled rum from the Dominican Republic, made from fermented sugar cane.

The vanillins and natural smoothness of the Bajan rum, blends beautifully with the slightly grassy, herbaceous notes of the Dominican rum. Small quantities of unaged high-ester Jamaican rums round out this unique blend with hits of fresh tropical fruit.

This high quality, super smooth spirit is incredibly versatile. Delicious with sweeter mixers or with tonic for a lighter, drier option, it is also complex enough to simply sip neat over ice.

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None, PX Sherry, Madeira, Port

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90 (50ml)

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